Media / Press Releases

36th Guam Legislature

Press Release: Bill 360 Already Exempts World War II Unexploded Ordnances

Press Release: Legislators Unanimously Passes Senator Perez’s Zero Waste Act

Press Release: Senator Perez Commends Prutehi Litekyan and Earthjustice for Efforts Towards Protecting Our People and Environment

Press Release: Senators Perez Introduces Bill to Increase Transparency in Small Purchases

Press Release: Senators Unanimously Pass Bill on Sole Source Procurement Reform

Press Release: Speaker Perez Introduces Legislation to Update Insurance Continuing Education Regulations

Press Release: Speaker Perez Holds Hearing on Open Burn/Open Detonation Pit Urges Use of Viable Alternatives

Press Release: Speaker Perez Urges Recognition and Preservation of Historic Districts With the Revelation of Human Remains at Tailålo’

Press Release: Speaker Perez Promotes Workforce Opportunities, Development, and Diversification in GDOL Informational Hearing

Press Release: Speaker Perez Introduces Bill to Increase Training Opportunities for Job Seekers

Press Release: Senator Perez Urges Guam EPA to Prevent Further Contamination from Open Burn/Open Detonation Facility

Press Release: Senator Perez Introduces Bill to Promote Stewardship of Public Fund Through Sole Source Procurement Reform

Press Release: Speaker Terlaje and Senator Perez Introduce Tandem Legislation to Strengthen GEPA’s Enforcement Capacity

Press Release: Senator Perez Advocates Local Regulation of “Forever Chemicals” in Guam’s Drinking Water

Press Release: Resolution Supporting Brown Tree Snake Eradication Efforts on  Dåno Receives Unanimous Support

Press Release: Statement from Senator Perez on the passing of Haunami-Kay Trask

Press Release: Senator Perez Introduces Resolution Committing to the Removal of the Brown Tree Snake from Dåno’ (Cocos Island)

Press Release: Senator Perez’ Extension of Remarks Denouncing Special Interest in Cigarette Stamp Tax Program

Press Release: Senator Perez to Conduct Oversight Hearing in Response to OPA Decision

Press Release: Senator Perez Introduces Calling for Prevention of Contamination to Guam’s Primary Water Source

Press Release: Senator Perez Joins Multilateral Effort to Rectify PUA Eligibility

Press Release: Senator ” This is a Growing Movement”; Legislators Receive Broad Support for Water Resolution

Press Release: Senator Perez Introduces Bill Addressing Illegal Dumping

Press Release: Senator Perez Introduces Legislation to Protect Public Health through Timely Payment of Cigarette Taxes

Press Release: Senator Perez Introduces Bill Mandates Ethics Training for Government Employees

Press Release: Senator Perez Introduces Bill to Shift GovGuam Fleet to Zero-Emission Vehicles

Press Release: Senator Perez Introduces Bill for Procurement Reform

Press Release: GDOL Releases PUA 1099 Tax Forms

Press Release: Senator Perez Introduces Bill Requiring Procurement Compliance Report

Press Release: Senator Urges the DPHSS to Visit DRT and Evaluate the Safety Protocols

Press Release: Senator Urges for Collective Response Against Animal Cruelty

35th Guam Legislature

Letter: 2020 Draft Programmatic Agreement Among the Commander, Joint Region Marianas and the Guam State Historic Preservation Officer, Regarding Military Training and Testing on, and within the Surrounding Waters of the Island of Guam

Application for Pacific Ocean Live Fire Training Range Complex Danger Zone at U.S. Marine Corps Base, North Coast of Guam COE-2020-0015

Letter: Nåftan Mañaina-ta Shrine Public Comments

Senator Perez Raises Concerns Over the Rise in Animal Cruelty Incidents

Landmark Environmental Laws is Weakend

Senator Perez Opposes Violation of Public Trust in Raid of Recycling Revolving Fund

Senator Perez Introduces Bill to Re-establish a Building Energy Code for Guam, and Lower Costs of Home Ownership

Senator Perez Introduces Bill to Clarify Emergency Health Powers and Create Task ForceBill No. 386-35 (COR) – Emergency Health Powers

Senator Perez and Senator Terlaje held a joint informational briefing discussing the clearing of cultural and historical sites by DOD

Senator Perez’s Statement Following Covid-19 Emergency Procurement Oversight Hearing

Senator Perez Responds to Firing of USS Roosevelt Captain

Bill 49-35 to Strengthen Animal Abuse Law

Bill 53-35 to Combat Fisheries Collapse by Banning Scuba Fishing

Bill 53-35 Passes to Ban Scuba Fishing

Senator Perez Opening Statement for Bill 53-35 (Scuba Fishing Ban)

Bill 79-35 Press Release

Bill 81-35 & 82-35 for a Greener GovGuam

Bill 84-35 & 85-35 to Promote Electric Vehicles on Guam

Senator Perez Statement for Bill 84-35 (Electric Vehicle Rebate)

Bills 89 and 90 Press Release Funding Rapid Response for Environmental Emergencies

Bill 161-35 to End Balloon Littering

Bill 168-35 & 169-35 to Combat Cancer-Causing Radon

Bill 174-35 to Regulate Toxic PFAS in Drinking Water

Bill 185-35 PAWS Act to Update Guam’s Animal Cruelty Laws

Bill 198-35 (Legislative Session Opening Statement) Establishing Recycling Revolving Fund Rules and Regulations

Bill 283-35 Guam Safe Drinking Water Act; Overhaul Protects Public, Regains Local Control Over Island’s Drinking Water

Bill 293-35 Joint press release

Bill 314-35 for Prevention and Prosecution of Wildfire Threats

Senator Perez visits Serianthes Nelsonii tree

Senator Perez Supports Guam Green Growth Working Group

Council to Develop Climate Change Policies

Advocating Long-Term Solutions through Successional Planning

Native Plant and Cultural Connection Workshop with Native Planting

Used Oil Task Force Draft Report

Live Firing Range Hearing

News Article about Bill 282-35

Statement on Bill 282-35

Landmark Environmental Law is Weakened 

Bill No. 383-35 for Seller Disclosure

Bill 362-35 as the Guam Zero Waste Act