36th Guam Legislature

Resolution No. 257-36 (LS)

Relative to recognizing and congratulating Mrs. Nydia “Nyd” Hidalgo Llarenas on the occasion of her retirement from the Bureau of Statistics and Plans; and commending her thirty-one (31) years of outstanding service and dedication to the government of Guam and the people of Guam.

Resolution No. 226-36 (LS)

Relative to recognizing Darlene R. Moore for her expertise on pre-contact pottery in the Mariana Islands, and for her more than forty (40) years of archaeological work; and commending her for her efforts and contributions to archaeological studies and educating the local and international community about pre-contact pottery in the Marianas.

Resolution No. 210-36 (COR)

Relative to reaffirming Guam’s right to safeguard cultural resources and to protect ocean ecosystems from environmental harm and exploitive industry interests through a moratorium on seabed mining, to ensure the health of Guam’s people.

Resolution No. 94-36 (COR)

Relative to supporting Government of Guam agency efforts to secure federal technical assistance and funding to eradicate snakes from Dåno’, also known as Cocos Island, to protect and recover Guåhan’s native species, and to commit to removing brown tree snakes from Guåhan

Resolution No. 55-36 (COR)

Relative to reaffirming our human right to safe drinking and clean water in observance of World Water Day 2021, and recognizing the importance of protecting our Northern Guam Lens Aquifer and precious water resource in ensuring the health of our people

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