About Senator Sabina F. Perez

Senator Sabina Flores Perez (Democrat) is an educator, environmental advocate, and community organizer serving in the 35th and 36th Guam Legislature. For over a decade, Perez has passionately advocated for cultural revitalization, ancestral connections to land and people, and the preservation of the beauty and uniqueness of Guåhan and the Mariana Islands. Perez has provided a critical voice for change to increase effectiveness and responsiveness of government, protecting the public interest, and creating a strong network of community leaders in a shared vision of a sustainable, thriving, and compassionate island family. 

Perez’s grassroots work spans over fifteen years fighting to ensure the public’s rights to water with the Water for All Campaign, advocating for the human right of self-determination for the CHamoru people at the United Nations, and protecting our natural and cultural resources with the community organization Prutehi Litekyan. 

As a freshman senator, Perez has kept the health and wellness of taotao Guåhan at the heart of her mission. With the passage of Public Law 35-42, Perez mandated new homeowners be informed about the potential dangers and the presence of radon and introduced accompanying legislation to mandate radon testing and mitigation in schools and childcare centers (Bill 169-35). Perez also introduced an overhaul of the Safe Drinking Water Act (Bill 283-35) and an additional measure regulating per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS), known as “forever chemicals”, (Bill 174-35) in our drinking water. 

On climate change, Perez serves as the chair of the Council on Climate Change Preparedness and Resiliency and is the co-chair of the Guam Green Growth Climate Change Working Group. She has worked to preserve our native forests to maintain biodiversity and prevent wildland fires (Bill 293-35 & Bill 314-35) and has worked toward reducing reliance on fossil fuels by promoting conservation through energy efficient products, the use of renewable energy, and converting to zero emission vehicles resulting in potential cost savings for the government and consumers (P.L. 35-45 & P.L. 35-81). 

On environmental stewardship, Perez is committed to a Zero Waste for Guam vision by adopting Recycling Revolving Fund rules and regulations (P.L. 35-37), and has worked to finance the expansion of the landfill, and end federal receivership (P.L. 35-37). Perez also passed key legislation preventing the overfishing of reef fish critical to maintaining the health of our coral reef ecosystem through the SCUBA fishing ban(P.L. 34-78).  

As the island continues to face the global COVID-19 pandemic head-on, Perez remains committed to preventing the spread of infectious diseases and expediting access to funds provided through the federal Coronavirus Aid, Relief, Economic Security (CARES) Act in order to provide residents and businesses with much needed assistance. Looking forward, Perez is committed to building resilient communities, diversifying and localizing our economy, and finding solutions for affordable housing and healthcare and wellness for our people. 

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